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Technical Video of Full Precast Construction Approach – The Greenhill Villa Project

The construction industry has always faced the problems of manpower shortage, aging workface, and high risk of safety. So, using precast concrete components have become a big trend to satisfied the market needs. Thus, Chun Wo Construction, a subsidiary of Asia Allied Infrastructure, has also seized this opportunity to undertake the construction of the Greenhill Villa, which is the first “Full Precast Concrete Construction” project in Hong Kong following the “Code of Practice for Precast Concrete Construction 2016” issued by the Buildings Department (BD) in 2016. It is a Hong Kong Housing Association development project, comprises three buildings with the tallest of 36-storey residential tower.


The precast concrete components are manufactured in mainland factories as many as 15,000 pieces, then transported to site by project progress and installed precisely. Due to a myriad of advance works and transportation arrangements involved, Chun Wo has encountered a lot of challenges in terms of design, transportation, installation, and so on. In view of this, the construction team has therefore discussed for advanced solutions and used BIM technology to identify potential problems during building and installation, and finally complete the project successfully.


This approach can reduce materials loss and the risks of external wall tiles spalling. Meanwhile, it can enhance manpower cost-efficiency, safety and tidiness of site, which building a better living environment for Hong Kong.


Let’s watch the technical video of Full Precast Construction Approach – The Greenhill Villa Project to learn more!






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