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About the Group

Our Spirit


a step further

"A Step Further" represents our spirit. Our construction arm has been rooted in Hong Kong for 55 years, setting a strong foundation which allows us to take a step further, step out of Hong Kong to discover different business opportunities in regions around the world. We will never limit ourselves; we are delighted to make progress and break barriers as we firmly believe that outside our comfort zone is where a great success happens.



Asia Allied Infrastructure Holdings Limited (”Asia Allied infrastructure”, “AAI” or “the Group”; stock code: 00711.HK) was founded in 1968, operating construction engineering business initially. In 1993, AAI was listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. Since then, the Group has entered the mainland Chinese and overseas markets and expanded its scope of business into property development and investment, security services and property management, non-franchised bus services and other sectors. After years of hard work and rapid development, the Group has over 6,000 employees now.

Rooted in Hong Kong, Started by Undertaking Construction Engineering Projects

Chun Wo Construction Holdings Company Limited ("Chun Wo"), a core member of AAI, is a local contractor and construction engineering company with a long history. In the beginning, Chun Wo mainly undertook building projects for the government and private sector; it started to participate in railway construction and civil engineering projects in the 70s; By the 90s, it became one of the few local contractors to hold five types of registration and qualification to work on public projects. In 2017, Chun Wo secured the “Design and Construction of the Aqueduct“ contract in the Philippines, expanding the construction engineering business to overseas markets around the Belt and Road. 


Diversified Business Development
In recent years, AAI has adopted a diversification strategy. It has been developing and expanding its businesses - construction engineering and management, engineering consultancy services, property development and investment business, security and facility management services, tunnel management, construction finance, safe deposit box services, construction material e-procurement, medical technology & healthcare and renewable energy, etc. in Hong Kong, China and overseas markets. 


To generate greater synergies in Asia Pacific, the Group acquired an engineering and architecture consultancy company in Singapore and a construction company in Macau in 2016 and 2017 respectively, capturing the enormous growth opportunities brought about by the “Belt and Road Initiative” and “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area”.

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