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Inspiring young minds to embark on the journey of innovation Chun Wo Innovation Student Awards is open for application!

When we were young, our teachers in school often told inspiring stories of famous scientists and inventors and how they had contributed to the well-being of mankind, for example, the tenacity of Thomas Alva Edison and the courage and innovative spirit of Marie Curie. By continuing such dedication, pursuing in-depth study and consistent improvement, up to the 21st Century today, we haveseen the general quality of living of communities elevated. However, in some developing countries, there are still urgent sustainable development issues needing to be resolved.

Necessity is the mother of invention. Be it a small idea or a concept far-reaching, combining it with the application of professional knowledge, an effective solution could be devised. It is with this belief in mind that Chun Wo Development Holdings Limited, celebrating its 50th Anniversary, launched The Chun Wo Innovation Student Awards, which aim is to stimulate young minds to come up with innovative solutions that can help better people's lives.

There will be three winners – Gold, Silver and Bronze - and three merit awards to acknowledge outstanding ideas, and the Gold Award winner will receive a cash prize of HK$100,000. Chun Wo will also provide resources and technical assistance for a year to the Gold Award winning team to help it turn its idea into reality.

On 22 February 2018, a briefing on the Award was held and more than 70 excited university students were there to learn all about the Award. Dr. Shirley Yeung, Associate Vice President of UNESCO Hong Kong, was there sharing with the students the UN’s sustainable development goals, relating case studies and project examples, and encouraging them to use their creativity to come up with innovative engineering solutions.

Please visit the official website of the Award for more details and act!

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